Review: Smart Bracelet M4 Waterproof Pedometer Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor


LYKL developed the M4 waterproof pedometer smartwatch in 2018. This devise looks more like a bracelet and is best defined as a smart bracelet blood pressure and heart rate monitor.


This smartwatch developed with the intention of providing more service than just simply recording and displaying time has additional features like -

  • Step count and mileage recording – the device alerts when the user does not complete the set goal of fixed number of steps or miles of distance he targets to cover.

  • Calories lost – it stores and reflects the number of calories lost every day.

  • It detects and stores the number of hours its user is sleeping and analyses sleeping patterns.

  • It monitors the heart rate using a high process Huajing sensor.

  • It can note the body’s simulated blood pressure.

  • It shows notifications for messages, calls and different applications too.

  • It calculates the blood oxygen level.

  • It sends reminder if the user is sitting in a fixed position for a long time.

  • It has an inbuilt health plan to help guide the user to a better and healthy lifestyle.

System Specifications

The M4 model has a battery life of 60MAH and can stand by for three hundred hours. It’s a light weight accessory weighing only eighteen grams and features a 0.42 inches OLED display.

The device is waterproof and supports Bluetooth for both android and iOS devices. It is supplied with a low power three axis acceleration sensor and arc screen touch.


The M4 GPS smartwatch is compatible with many devices and can be accessed by both android and Apple users unlike other smartwatches available in the market which are model and operating system specific.


The M4 smartwatch is the lead selling pedometer smartwatch in Australia. Priced at AU$28.80, it is available in three color options – silver, gold and blue. With its sleek design, and looks of a smart bracelet more than a boring smartwatch, it has hit the right chords. It can be bought from different online websites including Dilfa which has free shipping for the product and the estimated delivery time taken is approximately twenty-five days.

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